Why Home Inspections Are a Great Investment.

Stairs without concrete supports
Brand new home – stairs without concrete supports

Hot, hot, hot

In today’s hot real estate market, a lot of people are skipping the home inspection. A lot of people come to regret that later.

Even brand new homes can have problems that end up costing thousands of dollars to fix. If you bought a brand new home, and it’s still under warranty – have it inspected before your warranty expires (typically a year.) Most new home inspections more than pay for themselves.

Homes in our area are expensive, that’s a given. However, fixing and maintaining homes is also expensive – incredibly expensive. It’s in your best interest to know about the potential current and future costs of owning and maintaining a home before buying it.


Floor with radiant heat did not warm after 20 minutes (floor stayed at room temp)

Not, not, not

A lot of newer homes come with some awesome options, like radiant heat flooring. Nothing better than having your bathroom floor all warm and inviting in the morning. Except for when it doesn’e work and you have to spend thousands to have the floor removed. Or worse, you have to look at the controls on the wall everyday for the floor you paid for that doesn’t work.




Already own your home, with no warranty? You still need to know about potential problems, before they become worse.


Flipped home: disconnected waste line.
Flipped home: disconnected waste line.

Another very important reason to have a home inspection – is safety.

These two issues, future expense and human safety. are the main two issues addressed during any inspection. Big ticket expensive problems and safety issues.

On average, a home inspection will find several big ticket items that an owner should know about, and at least one or two safety issues. During the sale you may be able to negotiate with a seller regarding these items, or you may decide the home is worth any items reported. After the sale you should still know how long your furnace will last, how many more years your roof will keep out the rain, and if your electrical service is robust enough for that new bathroom you’d like to install.


Coming soon a post on common problems found on New Home Construction.


Ruined roof
Power washing took off the moss, but much of the granular surface material too. Needs full replacement

You should always inspect before you buy, even brand new homes, even by quality builders, but if you didn’t you can still save yourself money and problems by inspecting now.

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