My inspection agreement can be found here   The link will traumatically download a microsoft word document (Inspection Agreement Valiant.doc)

Per Washington State law, I need to get a signed inspection agreement prior to performing a home inspection. The form should be completed by whoever is buying the inspection. That could be a purchaser, seller, or someone they designate as their agent in this matter.

An inspection agreement spells out in writing what the purchaser of the inspection should be able to expect from an inspection. My inspections are based on Washington State Standard Operating Practice and are designed to be a snap shot of the inspected structure, as it exists at the time of my inspection.

There are, as there should be, lots of limitations to any inspection.  The Washington State link above lists many of them. Homes may look different in different lighting, under different weather conditions, and many things can interfere with an inspection. I cannot look inside hidden areas, and am not required to move carpets, furniture, appliances, and other things to see what they are concealing.

Home inspections are not code inspections and they do not warrant a home against current or future conditions, disclosed or not.

All systems in a house have a projected lifetime, but can fail sooner. A light switch that works when inspected, may not work at it’s next activation. The furnace can stop working without warning, and window seals can fail and still pass inspection – depending on temperature and lighting conditions.

Finally, it should be noted, that no amount of inspection will catch everything. Also, understand that a perfect inspection will not turn a 2005 Toyota Prius into a 2018 Lamborghini.