A verbal only pre-listing or pre-offer home inspection *starts at a mere 225.00. They can be scheduled 7 days a week. Monday through Friday after 4pm (earlier by appointment) and all day Saturday or Sunday.

Builder’s warranty inspections, performed on new homes during their first year also start at $225.00.

A full home inspection with lots detail, plenty of pictures, summary pages, and free cursory wood destroying insect inspection *starts at 375.00. They can be scheduled Saturday or Sunday, or after 3PM – with advance warning, if you call me first for approval.

*Starts at – usually refers to a home of up to 1500 square feet, a condo, etc.. and is meant to reflect two hours of inspecting on site, thirty minutes or less driving time, two hours of report writing time, and email delivery of your report within 24 hours.

Larger homes, may not cost more, if they can be done in the same time frame. However, homes which take longer to inspect and longer to write up will incur additional fees. Extra time on site will be charged at $25.00 per additional 15 minute increment. Travel beyond thirty minutes will be charged extra and ferry costs will also be added.

An inspection agreement, is required by Washington State law and must be obtained for every home inspection.

A full separate ‘pest inspection,’ known as a Uniform Wood Destroying Organism Report, which meets state standards and laws is available for $195.00 and cannot be included for free as it requires all it’s own paperwork.