Contracts / Conditions

Before I can perform a Home Inspection, I must receive a signed inspection agreement from the person purchasing / paying for the inspection. This is a Washington State Law. No agreement – no inspection. The inspection agreement can be found here.

I will also need payment, at the time of the inspection.

What I provide: A general overview of a home, based on a visual inspection of easily accessible areas, as they exist at the time of the inspection. I look at literally thousands of home components. I look mainly for safety issues, big ticket items, and ongoing preventative maintenance issues. Learn more about what to expect during an inspection.

What I need: Verified access to the home. All utilities to be turned on prior to my inspection. I need a signed inspection agreement to start inspecting. If you cannot be at the inspection – a signed copy must be provided to your agent if they will be present, or emailed to me, prior to my inspection – or no inspection. I will need some form of payment, at the time of the inspection.

What I do not provide: I do not offer a home warranty for any home I inspect. I cannot prevent things that operated fine when I tested them – from not operating the very next time someone attempts to use them. If the lighting isn’t just right, I may not catch that a window here or there has lost it’s seal. I will provide pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

I may also call out for additional inspections by specialists such as structural engineers, mold / asbestos / or lead remediation experts, geotechnical engineers, drainage experts, HVAC experts, etc. – depending on what I find during my inspection.

Contact me with any questions 206-718-1987, Schedule here.