A home inspector is a generalist. We provide a visual snapshot of the accessible systems of a home, plumbing, electrical, heating, roofing, structure and more, as they appear at the time of our inspection. We typically save our customers much more than the cost of our inspection at every home, even brand new homes – by high end builders.

We look at the materials used to make a home, and as possible, check to see if they function safely, and as intended. We are not code enforcers – codes change all the time. There is a list of what we look at and it can be found here.

Our goal is to give you useful information about your home, so you know what you are buying, to point out possible safety issues, to reduce the chances of injury, and to prepare you for big ticket expenditures, either existing at the time of the inspection – or pending soon.

It should be noted that while we try to be thorough, there are areas of a home we cannot see into, and that systems that seem serviceable during our inspection may fail at the their very next use.  The link above outlines our limitations. We also do not provide a home warranty.

A person could hire a team of specialists, at a much greater cost, to do much more thorough and technically accurate reports, from highly trained engineers to experienced trade specialists.

In addition to costing a great deal more, it would take a great deal more time, and you would be dealing with many more opinions, and requirements. Unless you pay them to do destructive testing, these people will also be limited to visual inspections, and still would not be able to provide future guarantees.