Inspection Choices

Home Inspection.
A complete inspection of the home and it’s systems (subject to limitations expressed in our contract.) Includes attached garages. Includes pest issues that would be called out in a pest inspection as well.

Limited / Verbal Only Home Inspection.
The same inspection as above but without paperwork. Saves about $100.00

Pest Inspection “add-on”.
A complete pest inspection with full RCW / WCA compliant pest inspection paperwork, done at the same time as either of the above. (graph, listed findings and recommendations. (Typically 4 to 6 pages)

Pest Inspection “Stand Alone”.
With full RCW / WCA compliant paperwork, done by itself or as a return to a home that we performed a home inspection at.

We also perform Construction Loan – Draw Inspections – send us an email.

Coming soon – systems specific inspections: Roof, electrical, HVAC, etc…


*Average home: 2900 square feet or less. With one kitchen and three or less bathrooms. One attic / one sub area. No detached structures. Should require 30 minutes or less driving.

Discounts for structures with no attics or sub areas.