Pest Inspections

A Pest Inspection Can Often Be Completed The Day It’s Requested!


Pest Inspections, AKA Termite Reports, Look For The Following:


Carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ants – one type of wood destroying insect

Wood Destroying Insects

Carpenter Ants, Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, etc…,

Every pest inspection looks for live wood destroying insect activity as well as any visible signs of previous activity.






Under eave rot
Under eave rot

Wood Destroying Organisms

Wood decay fungus, rot. Rot is a living organism.

Rot does more damage to wood than all the wood destroying insects combined. Pest Inspections are required to report the presence of rot.





Carpenter Ant damage in a wall

Damage From Wood Destroying Insects Or Rot

Rot damage as noted above can be pretty easy to spot – sometimes. Damage from wood destroying insects, such as the carpenter ant damage posted to the left can take some detective work.





Common: Beauty bark over the siding

Conditions That Encourage Wood Destroying Organisms

Rot, and most wood destroying insects, either need moisture or are made worse by it. It is the number one conducive condition, although there are others. What causes excess moisture in a home? Clogged gutters, leaking downspouts, and roof leaks; too much vegetation against the home, high dirt levels, yards and flower beds that slope toward the home; degraded caulk, paint and other moisture seals; inadequate ventilation, missing or inadequate sub area vapor barriers… to name a few culprits.


Areas Addressed: The Exterior, Sub Area Underneath, Attic Above, And Interior.

If your lender is asking for a “termite report”, or a “pest inspection” – your inspection should be a stand alone, full pest inspection, complete with state of the industry paperwork.

A fully compliant pest inspection, known as Uniform Wood Destroying Organism Report, will take about 90 minutes on site and about that amount of time to write up. They can be included with a Home Inspection for an additional fee.

As a courtesy to Home Inspection customers, I will address pest inspection issues as they are encountered, as a generalist, at no additional charge. Ask your lender if you need a “pest inspection,”  I can give you a discount, if the pest inspection is performed at the same time as the home inspection.


A pest inspection does not look for all possible pests – just those that damage wood. Wasps, spiders, many other types of ants, earwigs, rodents, and many other pests are not considered wood destroying organisms.