Scheduling / Costs

Please feel free to call me first and make sure my services fit your needs. The phone call is completely free: 206-718-1987. If I do not answer and you need to schedule right away, please text me your phone number, address, and when you need the inspection by – I will get back to you, usually within a few minutes, during normal working hours.

Schedule ASAP, through an app, by following this link.

I will get back to you to verify that the appointment you scheduled works for that time, to get any inspection details, and make arrangements for the inspection agreement to get signed. You can also email me:



Current Pricing (typical):

Home Inspections:
Single Family Homes or Condos w/ 1 attic & 1 subarea (or less) up to 2000sq ft,  $355.
$50.00 extra, per 1000 extra sq. ft.

$50.00 discount if the structure has no attic or sub area. There will be extra charges for larger, more complicated homes, detached buildings, multiple kitchens, etcetera.

All Home Inspections will address *Pests, as a generalist – at no additional charge.
However, a full RCW / WAC compliant pest inspection for WDO / WDI – with separate “state of the industry” paperwork is $100.00 extra at the time of the inspection – otherwise, any pest activity that would have been noted on the state form will just be included.

Stand Alone Pest Inspections:
Condos or Townhomes without sub areas: $145.
Single Family Homes w/ 1 attic & 1 subarea (or less) under 2900sq ft, within 15 miles – $195.

Ask about re-inspection fees, which will vary for type of inspection and size of structure.

Also available: Pre – Listing Inspections

Coming soon: System Specific Inspections, such as roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC.


*.10 cents per additional sq. ft. over 2900.00.  $1.00 extra per mile over 25. Cost for additional, kitchens, detached garages, etc… start at $25.00 each and go up.